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Quote1.png Ah insolence, how charming in a beautiful woman. Quote2.png
Justin Hammer

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Synopsis for "The Caribbean Connection"

Tony gets Rhodes back to his island and begins to modify his armor so that he can track down the submersible vessel carrying Bethany. Aboard the vessel Bethany is brought before Justin Hammer who's been capturing yachts so that he can load them with opium to smuggle into the USA. Hammer has made Force chief operative in the endeavor, having renovated the villain's armor since he first fought the Sub-Mariner. Iron Man manages to locate the craft and battles Force underwater. In Allentown, Iowa, Nick Fury has begun a S.H.I.E.L.D. investigation into the sudden death of the populace. Back in the Caribbean Iron Man defeats Force and invades the submersible craft. He wrecks the ship but Hammer has already launched his fleet of smuggling yachts. Unable to kill Hammer, Iron Man retreats and retrieves Bethany from one of the yachts, returning to the island for the rest of their vacation.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are pubished from Carol Bellamy, Donna Royston, Matt Kaufman, and Gary Romeo.
  • This issue, in the presence of his physican, Jim Rhodes, although being diagnosed with a concussion enjoys multiple cans of beer with his dinner.
  • In this issue, Justin Hammer's appearance seem to be based in British actor Peter Cushing, who gained popularity with horror movies from Hammer Productions and later appeared in Star Wars - a movie which is also referenced in this issue.


  • Stark's Island retreat will next be seen in Iron Man #216. It is un-named in this issue, but is later referred to as "Mi Casa".

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