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Synopsis for "Meter on the Sun!"

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As Iron Man begins to examine Star Well he is caught in a meteor shower, but the armored figure Sunturion comes to his rescue; he invites Iron Man to enter Star Well and meet the supervisor Arthur Dearborn. Dearborn explains to Iron Man how Star Well is designed to receive and store solar radiation to revolutionize solar power technology. Iron Man points to the deaths of the people in Allentown as a side effect of these experiments but Dearborn argues that Star Well could save millions of lives. Responding to a letter written to "Bethany van Tilburg," Bethany goes to the West German embassy, where she meets an agent who is recently released from East Germany and has news about her husband. At Star Well, a Russian defense satellite attacks the station and Iron Man joins Sunturion in defending the site. Sunturion destroys the Moscow facility that was controlling the satellite. Jonas Hale checks in with Dearborn when he sees Iron Man he tries to self-destruct Star Well but Iron Man has already dismantled the self-destruct mechanism. Dearborn reveals that he is Sunturion to Iron Man and he believes that Star Well is worth any sacrifice, but Iron Man sets out to cripple the station. Sunturion attacks him and in the scuffle the station's core is broken apart and heads toward Earth.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Michael McClure, David A. Smith, Fabian Nicieza, Dana Gibson, and Dan Nitschke.

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