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Appearing in "Blacklash and the Burning..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Ling McPherson
  • Sid
  • Heatherly
  • Peanut (Martinelli's dog)
  • Ed Asner (Mentioned)




Synopsis for "Blacklash and the Burning..."

Artie Pithins takes a number of children on a tour of Stark International to the annoyance of Mrs. Arbogast. Tony tries to use pictures he took of Star Well to prosecute ROXXON but finds Sunturion's microwave power boost has souped the film. Meanwhile security chief Nick Martinelli angrily confronts Pithins for having included Vic's picture in a publicity story pointing out his contract specifically guarantees his likeness is never to be used; Pithins, however, cannot understand why he is making such a fuss. Tony brings Yvette Avril to the plant and offers her the post of vice president. Elsewhere Bethany is dodging Tony's phone calls as she prepares to respond to a mysterious letter. At home, Vic Martinelli is attacked by Blacklash who calls him Martell. Vic fights back to no avail, but as the battle is moved outside, Vic jumps in the swimming pool; unsure of his new electrofied whip might electrocute the wielder if it is used on the water and aware that authorities may soon arrive, Blacklash departs promising to return for Vic. The next day Blacklash invades Stark International to attack Martinelli. Iron Man engages Blacklash in battle, but Blacklash's assaults have started a fire which has begun to spread across the grounds.


  • In this issue, Vic Martinelli is revealed to be using an assumed name. Blacklash calls him "Martell" in this issue. Next issue his full name is revealed to be "Vince Martell".
  • This issue features a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are pubished from Mark Ryan, Carlos Fernandez, Cesar Perez, and Dale L. Cole.

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