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Quote1.png So, I don't suppose what you're planning will do anything to compromise American foreign policy or security? Quote2.png
Captain America to Iron Man

Appearing in "Siege!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Ricardo "Ric" Pruz (Death)
  • General Geraldo Caligerro (aka the Generalissimo)
  • Capitán Garcia, temporary magistrado

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Siege!"

Iron Man Vol 1 148 001.jpg

A Stark plant in the Central American nation of Costa Diablo is raided by the military and its head, Ricardo Pruz, is taken prisoner. When Tony hears, he enters the country as Iron Man on a rescue mission, freeing his captive staff at the plant, but learning that Pruz, a personal friend, has been taken by the military leader Gen. Caliguerra. Breaking into the presidential palace, he is surprised to find Stark International designed weapons defending it, and discovers the Pruz was in collusion with the general; in fact, Pruz is the mastermind of Caliguerra's revolution. Iron Man departs, disillusioned. Two days later, Tony learns the Pruz was executed by Caliguerra to consolidate his own power.


  • Plot by Michelinie and Layton, script by Michelinie.

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