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Quote1 What do you want ... errand boy? Quote2
Victor Von Doom to Iron Man

Appearing in "Doomquest"

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Synopsis for "Doomquest"

Iron Man Vol 1 149 001

Iron Man saves a Stark International cargo ship from band of terrorists, then instructs it to turn around and head home without delivering its cargo. Later, Tony holds a meeting with heads of Stark International's plant chiefs and confronts Zurrow about selling electronics to Latveria. Tony fires Zurrow. Centuries in the past, Dr. Doom visits Cagliostro to increase his mystical knowledge, then uses his time machine to return to the present. When Doom's servant Hauptman, who secretly hates Doom for slaying his brother, explains that Stark has withdrawn the booster circuits which they need to send Doom back further in time, Doom prepares to deal with Stark. Doom sends a manned attack vehicle to steal the circuits and his agents manage to overcome Iron Man. Tony goes to Latveria to confront Doom and the local military welcome him, being currently led by King Zorba Fortunov glad to interfere with doom's plans. Iron man heads to the castle and overcomes Doom's robot guard. Iron Man reaches Dr. Doom and battles him, but when they accidentally pause on the time machine platform, Hauptman activates the device and sends them to the past, then smashes the machine stranding them there.


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