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Quote1 Morgana Le Fey, you are a remarkable woman. Were you but a product of my own time... Quote2
Doctor Doom

Appearing in "Knightmare"

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Synopsis for "Knightmare"

Iron Man and Doctor Doom find themselves stranded in the past in the kingdom of Camelot. A band of knights of the roundtable confronts the duo and they skirmish when Dr. Doom refuses to acknowledge their authority, but Iron Man makes Doom agree to go with them to Camelot. The duo present themselves to King Arthur, but Doom's royal pretensions do not impress the king. Doom forces a servant to give him the location of Morgan Le Fay's castle and requests the witch's aid in rescuing his mother from hell. She agrees if Doom will help her kill King Arthur. Using a chip from Excalibur, Le Fay raises an army of undead soldiers with Doom to lead the battle. Iron Man joins King Arthur's forces to combat them and finally drives them away. Doom promises to have revenge on Iron Man someday, but in order to return to their own time they form a temporary truce; with components from their armors they manage to juryrig a makeshift time machine. After returning home safely they part ways, Doom still vowing revenge.

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