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  • Stark's VTOL Vehicle

Synopsis for "Escape from Heaven's Hand!"

Wearing his stealth armor, Iron Man reconnoiters the Heaven's Hand facility in East Germany, gathering data and taking photographs. When he accidentally activates the site's defenses he has to flee as the stealth armor has limited offensive capabilities. In Heaven's Hand, Bethany is reunited with Alex, whose death was faked by the KGB in hopes of obtaining the identities of sleeper agents from him. Unable to obtain information using drugs, the KGB hopes to threaten Bethany's life to force a confession. In his regular armor, Iron Man launches an invasion of Heaven's Hand while Rhodes remains close by in a VTOL craft. Sneaking into the facility, Iron Man removes the armor and disguises himself as a soviet officer. Managing to locate Bethany, she reveals to him that she knows he is Iron Man; he puts the armor back on and helps rescue Alex from his cell. While Iron Man battles the facility's defenses, Bethany brings Alex to Rhodes' craft and escapes. However, the East Germans had a special agent to unleash against Iron Man -- the Living Laser, who blasted him out of the sky.


  • Cover art: photo background by Brown.
  • In this issue, Tony Stark reveals his Iron Man identity to Bethany Cabe. Cabe had known of Stark's alter ego for some time, but Stark was unaware of her discovery.

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