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Quote1.png You've made a grave mistake, Iron Man, in thinking I'm an easy opponent. Quote2.png
Living Laser

Appearing in "Light Makes Right!"

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  • Stark's VTOL vehicle

Synopsis for "Light Makes Right!"

Iron Man is strung up in front of a laser cannon. While the Living Laser prepares to kill him, he explains why he came to work with the East Germans. Iron Man uses the opportunity to melt through his bonds and attack the Living Laser. Meanwhile, Bethany and Jim Rhodes bring Alex to West Germany, but, fearing he will not be safe in a German hospital, Bethany demands that they fly him to the USA for treatment. Iron Man and the Living Laser battle until the Laser's power begins to overload. He enters the siphon chamber to release it, but Iron Man detonates one of his power storage pods, destroying the chamber. With the Laser about to overload, Iron Man hurls him away from Heaven's Hand to prevent the resulting explosion from detonating the facility's nuclear reactor. Returning to the USA, Tony confronts Bethany, who breaks up with him so that she can care for Alex.


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