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Appearing in "The Other Side of Madness!"

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  • Sky-sled

Synopsis for "The Other Side of Madness!"

The Unicorn attacks Iron Man in Manhattan from a distance, but misses; Iron Man saves innocents from Unicorn's blast but does not learn who is responsible. Later, the Unicorn takes hostages at Stark International's docks. Iron Man faces him and learns that he is still following the Titanium Man's orders. After a grueling battle, Iron Man informs the Unicorn that the Titanium Man has been deported back to the USSR. In a trance, the Unicorn walks out into the ocean to find his master, apparently drowning; Iron Man is too power-depleted to save him.


  • Inks (issue pages): Green pages 1-8, 22-25, Stone pages 9-19, Layton pages 26-30
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Mike Teague, Jacky Ballus, Kevin C. McConnell, Eric Lass, Brenda Griffin, and Matthew Denn.

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