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Iron Man

Appearing in "The Back-Getters!"

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  • A runaway Merkaya Tank

Synopsis for "The Back-Getters!"

The rebuilding of Stark International is complete, and Tony is happy to have successfully won the bid for Cord Conglomerate's assets. However, when an unusually angry Pithins fires his secretary, Tony learns that his PR man's son has been beaten up at school, and that another boy, Daniel Pigget, was run over. Pithins asks Tony if Iron Man could appear at his son's school on careers day to set a good example to the students and Tony agrees. During careers day Pithin's son is attacked by a gang of students led by Mark Simmons, in retaliation for delivering tainted drugs that have hospitalized several students, including Simmon's sister; Pigget had been the pusher. They were responsible for his earlier beating, but he had escaped before they were finished. Iron Man is distracted when a student gets inside a tank and accidentally sets the vehicle on a rampage, but Pithins manages to defend his son while Iron Man destroys the tank and saves the student. The next day, Pithins surreptitiously gives his reinstated secretary flowers to make up for his earlier behavior.


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