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Iron Man

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Synopsis for "The Mauler Mandate"

Scott Lang is going through crates belonging to Cord Conglomerate, recently purchased by Stark, when he finds a suit of the Mauler armor. Before he can notify Stark, Brendan Doyle knocks him out and takes the suit. As the Mauler he attacks Stark's plant to recover an information tape, for his employer, Edwin Cord, but Iron Man drives him away. Rhodes and Doyle recognize each other during the Mauler's clash. After meeting with Cord at prison, Doyle visits Rhodes and takes him as a hostage to reenter Stark International and search for the information tape, but Iron Man intervenes. When Rhodes threatens to transmit the tape to every Stark branch on Earth, the Mauler finds he cannot bring himself to shoot Rhodes; he abandons his loyalty to Cord, deciding to turn freelance.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Matthew Denn, John Meyers, Dean Harris, Jeffrey R. Dion, Michael Rossi, David Motyl, and John T. Miller.

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