Quote1 I'm in trouble. Quote2
-- Iron Man

Appearing in "Spores!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Energy devouring spores

Other Characters:

  • Ms. Sylvia Kanowski
  • Therhin (First appearance) (alien race)




Synopsis for "Spores!"

Iron Man investigates an overload at Stark International caused by alien spores but is swept into space and aboard a ship where the spores are present. The spores eventually increase in size and battle him, but he manages to separate the spores and freezes most of them in a cryogenic chamber. The ship's computerized voice explains that Iron Man was brought aboard because he was the greatest mechanical power on Earth. The ship renders the spores harmless and then returns Iron Man to Earth.

Appearing in "A Marvel Masterwork Pin-Up"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "A Marvel Masterwork Pin-Up"

1-page pinup


  • Sequence 1 Spores! plot by Kupperberg and Michelinie, script by Kupperberg.

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