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Black Mamba

Appearing in "A Cry of Beasts"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Muffy Cuddle / Matilda Hickenlooper
  • Harry, zoo guard




Synopsis for "A Cry of Beasts"

Waking from a nightmare, Tony Stark prepares to attend a presentation of new feeding equipment at the Long Island zoo. As the party starts, the Serpent Squad kills a guard and frees the animals as a distraction while they search for their target. Start meets alcoholic actress Muffy Cuddle, turns down some drinks, and is informed of the guard's death. Stark goes to the control room, and learning of the uncaged animals, sets out to subdue them as Iron Man. Martinelli informs Iron Man that he has learned one of Stark's competitors has hired the Serpent Squad as saboteurs. Meanwhile, the Serpent Squad has found the control room and steals a micro scanner that the computer uses to read the animal's bodily functions, which their employer believes can be adjusted to disrupt bodies. Placing it inside a weapon provided to them, they confirm their employer's belief by murdering the arriving zoo manager. Iron Man returns to the control room and defeats the Serpent Squad despite Black Mamba disguising herself as Bethany Cabe, then Pepper Potts. Afterwards, Muffy hallucinates, reminding Stark when he doesn't drink anymore.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Mark Carter, Nyls Rothfusz, Scott Crum, Daryl White, Dave Osberg, Charles David Haskell, Mike Sopp, And Andrew Krepela.

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