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Moon Knight

Appearing in "If The Moonman Should Fail!"

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  • AIM
  • Defense robots
    • "the biggest jack-in-the-box I've ever seen"
    • "the ugliest one"
  • Dukey

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Synopsis for "If The Moonman Should Fail!"

Iron Man tests his armor for underwater performance, then prepares for a trip. Meanwhile, Project Neptune, an experimental underwater power generating facility, is overtaken by AIM agents. Stark meets with Steven Grant and Sissy Host II, fellow possible investors in Project Neptune. They take a submarine down to check the place out and are greeted by AIM agents. Grant attacks the AIM agents and Stark changes into Iron Man in the confusion. The AIM agents evacuate, taking all but one of the escape pods, Iron Man is attacked by the reprogrammed maintenance robots. He defeats them, but an airlock is damaged and water pours inside the complex. With Iron Man unable to repair it he holds it closed. Grant tries to contact product Neptune's designer Daryll Flowers over the radio, but he can't because he was fired over his drug addiction. With one escape pod left, Grant takes it despite Sissy needing medical attention for an asthma attack; though his actions appear selfish, he has realized the sudden pressure change would likely have killed Sissy, and that unless the airlock is repaired, everyone will die. He's retrieved by the Coast Guard, taken to shore, runs to a taxicab and changes into Moon Knight. Meanwhile, AIM contacts Project Neptune and demands industrial secrets in exchange for their remote control repair of the damage airlock. Frenchie drops Moon Knight off at a bar, but he can't find any leads on Flowers. The news report on the situation at Project Neptune as Moon Knight is given a lead by Bertrand Crawley to drug dealers that Flowers usually deals with. Moon Knight then finds Flowers, who talks Project Neptune technicians through repairing the airlock. Iron Man leaves to track down the AIM agents, guessing their location. He returns to Project Neptune and changes back to Tony Stark so his absence wouldn't be missed.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from SP4 John D. Long, T. Bellamy, Bart Carter, Brian Fuller, Bob Andileotta, Gil Villa. Bert Pangborn, Bryn Pryor, B. MacKean, Jeff Malinouski, and Adam Dubicki.

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