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Quote1.png It will give me much pleasure to checkmate such a resourceful opponent. Quote2.png
-- Obadiah Stane

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Synopsis for "Endgame"

The Laird of Glen Travail taunts Iron Man into surviving the traps found within his castle keep. He has a limited amount of time to locate and rescue Jim Rhodes and Indries Moomji before they suffer from a torturous death. From within their secret lair, the master of the Chessmen and the Rook monitor Iron Man's plight. The Rook is confidant that Iron Man will not survive the three traps he has set in place for him.

Iron Man begins searching for Rhodey and Indries by following the path of the electric cables that run throughout the castle. As he enters one chamber, a three-ton block of solid granite drops from the ceiling and falls upon him. Tony's armor is strong enough to withstand the pressure though, and he lifts himself out from under the block.

As he approaches the next doorway, a set of chain manacles is released from both the door and ceiling, holding Iron Man into place. The counterweights are designed to compensate for whatever pressure is applied against them. Iron Man uses his boot jets and a concentrated amount of force to snap the chains without any further ado.

Unwilling to take any more chances, Iron Man flies forward and blasts through the door of the next room where he finds Indries. She appears to be safe and unmolested. The Rook seals Iron Man off from her and exposes him to the purple mist - an aerosol acid that begins to melt the outer edges of his armor. Iron Man uses his welding torch to cut through the outer wall to freedom.

He soon determines that Jim Rhodes is not being held captive in the castle at all. He flies to a nearby cave where he finds Rhodes strapped to the ground, his body assailed with poisonous spiders. He frees Rhodes then returns to the castle collect Indries and arrest Laird Jamie.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Al Rapsys, Rick S. Jones, Jeff Francis, Mike Sopp, Shawn Patrick Bellamy, Greg Magarian, A.D. Yap, and Jim Therry.

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