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Quote1.png Stark has consistently opposed me .. thwarted me. Quote2.png
-- Obadiah Stane

Appearing in "One of Those Days...."

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Other Characters:

  • Obadiah Stane's "Pawn"
  • Dr. Forsythe




Synopsis for "One of Those Days...."

Melter stops by Stark International to see Tony Stark, but Mrs. Arbogast tells him he's not in. In Scotland, Stark has 1,000,000 dollars worth of medical equipment brought in, but the doctor says Rodney's chances of recovering from the spider venom are not good. Indries tries to take him to a pub to calm down, but the surroundings merely aggravate him more. They go to the airport, but Stark's pilot license has expired, so they have to fly commercial, on a flight that proves beset with minor irritations, including a flight attendant who spills martinis on Stark. Forewarned by Mrs. Arbogast and having had no time to repair his damaged armor, at the office Stark dons an old suit to deal with the waiting Melter. The overconfident villain tells Iron Man that his last cellmate helped him figure out the exact kind of metal Iron Man's armor is made of, allowing him to tune his melting beam to destroy it; ironically, wearing the old suit renders the melting beam ineffective, and Stark easily overpowers Melter. Tired and frustrated, Stark retreats to his private lab wanting to relax, put the phone rings. Martinelli tells him that he has identified rival industrialist Stane as being behind the recent sabotage at Stark International. Stark flies to Stane's Utah complex and fights his way inside to face Stane, who gloatingly admits his actions and explains that he wants to set up an organization of international weapons manufacturers, and has targeted Stark for refusing to join. Realizing that there's no proof that Stane's broken any laws, Iron Man returns to Stark International. Martinelli tells Stark that they've been outbid on an important foreign contract by Stane's corporate alliance, and that Rodney has vanished from the doctors. Upset and feeling the desperate urge to drink, Stark turns in for the night to find a bottle of whiskey left out for him.


  • Stark noted that the armor used in this issue had not been used in 5 years. That would probably correspond with the earlier MK IV armor.

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