Quote1.png Soon as I drop this helmet on, I'll actually be Iron Man. Quote2.png
-- Jim Rhodes

Appearing in "Blackout!"

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  • Stark's plane
  • Magma's crab-like vehicle

Synopsis for "Blackout!"

Incredibly drunk, Iron Man flies through Times Square smashing every liquor billboard he sees, his rampage witnessed by Daredevil and caught on camera by Channel 3 news. Afterward, he returns to his penthouse and drinks more. Meanwhile, Magma's men prepare Magma's vehicle, as Magma prepares for his rematch against Iron Man. Stark wakes up to news footage of Iron Man smashing around Times Square and mayoral assistant Milo Finch demanding restitution for damages. He stumbles into some clothes and goes to work. Meanwhile, Rhodey returns to Stark International where Martinelli tells him Stark is drinking again. Stark speaks to his lawyers about the Iron Man footage, but they are more concerned that the company is deep in debt and that someone is offering to buy out the creditors: Stane. Stark is happily reunited with a concerned Rhodey before Martinelli informs them that Magma has emerged from the harbor and is making his way to Stark International. Stark suits up and fights Magma but proves too drunk to beat him. Retreating back to Stark International thinking that repowering the suit will help, Stark forgets that he's wearing an older armor and accidentally causes a power black out. He takes Rhodey to his private lab for a drink and reveals his identity, shortly before Magma attacks the facility. As Martinelli and his men offer vain resistance, and Tony passed out, Rhodey strips him out of the Iron Man armor and dons it himself.


  • Jim Rhodes begins to don the Iron Man armor this issue. He will continue in the Iron Man role for several years.

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