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Synopsis for "Firebrand's Revenge"

A couple of guards notice a guy in a suit of medieval armor standing around drunk. One guard knocks the guy down and they take off the helmet to reveal that it is Tony Stark. He gets arrested and thrown in jail where he is bailed out by his company. It is revealed that he doesn't remember what happened with the armor. When Tony walks out of the Police Station, he is surrounded by reporters. Tony flags down a cab and has the cab driver take him to the nearest liquor store.

Meanwhile, Jim Rhodes is having fun with his armor by playing baseball with himself in front of a bunch of kids. Rhodey talks to Erwin about how he knew more about the armor with his help. Then, he gets summoned by Yvette Arvil. It turns out that Obidiah Stane is taking over Stark International in six hours. Arvil got a legal document that could hold him back for a week but it requires Tony's signature and he has disappeared. Tony was last seen somewhere between Chinatown and the Browery. Rhodey decides to get Captain America's help to search for him.

Captain America searches in the Browery for Tony when he is told by a homeless guy that he saw him in a flophouse. Steve goes to the flophouse where he sees Tony on a bed drinking. Steve yells at Tony for drinking and Tony just says that he can't stop drinking. Captain America confesses that about how his father is an alcoholic and that he can only help Tony if Tony can help himself. Cap leaves and then he smells smoke. It turns out that Firebrand has set fire to the flophouse.

Captain America and Rhodey team up to stop the fire and save the flophouse tenants, including Tony. They manage to save everyone and stop the fire enough to help the fire fighters. When they get back to Tony, they realize that he had switched clothes with a bum and vanished. They se the clock reach the deadline.

Obadiah Stane walks into Stark International announcing that he is their new boss.

Solicit Synopsis

The new Iron Man finally faces a true test of whether or not he can cut it as a substitute Golden Avenger.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from D.E.L., C.K., Donna Lee, Jay Tuttle, Will Nordmeyer, and "T. M. Maple".

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