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Quote1 I'd bet there's quite a woman behind that mask! Quote2
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "Even Heroes Die!"

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Synopsis for "Even Heroes Die!"

The Tony Stark LMD helps Nick Fury and Captain America subdue a Hydra base. Satisfied that the two men most likely to see through his falsehood were fooled, it returns to Stark Industries and decides it must kill Stark. At Midas' Aegean compound, Midas fires Morgan Stark since he has a Stark impostor to further his plans to acquire Stark's wealth. At Cord Manufacturing, Alex Nevsky pursues his romance with Janice Cord and retreats to his work, noting that his plans are running smoothly. Midas has Madame Masque prepare the Impostor Stark to infiltrate his company and orders her to kill him if things don't go well. That night they infiltrate Stark Industries but are quickly attacked by the waiting LMD: Stark protects Madame Masque and fights Iron Man. She attempts to kill Stark as ordered, but can't. Iron Man is distracted by two security guards, giving Stark time to don his original armor. Called by the guards, the Avengers arrive in time to see the LMD fall into a smelting pot. but Stark suffers a heart attack, so they rush him to the Ultra-Rejuvenator. Midas tells Madame Masque that he's unhappy with this turn of events, but at least one of the Starks is dead.

Solicit Synopsis

It's new vs. old — as Shellhead fights to the death with — himself!


  • This story continues in Avengers #69. The last page of this story indicates that the story continues in Avengers Vol 1 68, but this is a mis-print.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock it to Shell-Head". Letters are published from: John Smithson, Doug Hazelwood, Bob Krotts, arrett Everett, Mike Burton, and Bill Cantey.

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