Quote1 California... HEE-RE we come... Quote2
-- Morley Erwin

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Synopsis for "On the Road..."

After Clytemnestra Erwin announced that the gang is going to California, Tony showed up to visit. After listening to their plans to make a new company in silicon valley, Tony asked them if he can come along to help. It turns out that he had nothing in New York and wanted a new a fresh start. To his surprise, everyone happily agreed.

Unfortunately, Taurus wanted to kill Rhodey since he might know about the Zodiacs but he didn't have his resources. He tried to put a bomb into the car but it was discovered after a couple of kids were caught trying to steal from the engine.

As the group traveled west, Taurus sent a few more Zodiac members after them. They tried to kill them by blowing out the tires and having the car drive off of a bridge. Rhodey, in his Iron Man suit, managed to get the Erwin siblings but couldn't reach Tony before his car fell into the river. He reappeared a short time later revealing that he managed to get out and swim back to shore just in time.

Solicit Synopsis

Hang in there, Tony Stark! You may have lost control of your fortune — your super-hero identity — and your international prestige! But things aren't always what they seem!


  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from George Andis Williams, E.J. Dossin, Kevin Hall, Don Walters, Stephen Williams, Tony Hartgrove, Jeffrey Lowndes, and Anthony Padilla.
  • In this issue, Cornelius van Lunt notes that Aquarius is "new to our ranks". Therefore, it appears that he is referring to the second Aquarius: Darren Bentley

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