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Tony StarkQuote1 Maybe I'm just a pasteboard playboy... maybe I come on with a manufactured line... but I know a real woman when I hold one... and I know there's a kind of beauty that can't be destroyed... because it's on the inside! Quote2
Madame MasqueQuote1 I'm not certain that fits me, Tony Stark... but I'd like to think it did! But my thoughts are unimportant... if we can't escape this island! Quote2

Appearing in "What Price Life?"

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Synopsis for "What Price Life?"

People gathered outside Municipal Hospital awaiting Stark's fate, including Janice Cord, Alex Nevsky, Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts, are informed by Captain America that the operation was a success: Stark will live. Unhappy to hear this, Midas tells Madame Masque they must alter their plans. Awoken by Dr. Jose Santini, Stark is told his heart's new synthetic tissue is working fine, but to avoid unusual stress. Returning to his company pondering Iron Man's future in light of Santini's advice, Stark is abducted by Madame Masque and taken to Midas, who demands that Stark sign his fortune over to him. Visiting the imprisoned Stark, Masque reveals her disfigured face: he recognizes her as Whitney Frost and she releases him; despite her scars, he kisses her. Together they retrieve his attache case, but Midas ambushes them. Donning his armor, Stark defeats Midas, despite his fear of his new heart giving out. As Iron Man and Masque escape, Midas' compound explodes, but Masque leaves Stark while he's passed out from exertion.

Solicit Synopsis

Is this the end of Midas and Madame Masque? Or Iron Man? Or all three?


  • Tony Stark's doctor has the same name, "Jose Santini", as the Mad Thinker. This appears to be a coincidence.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from Steve Grover, Mike Burton, "A Femme Fan", and Ralph Moss.

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