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Quote1.png How gratifying it is to have you -- the greatest living dinosaur -- subjugated in my service! Quote2.png
Doctor Demonicus

Appearing in "The Choice and the Challenge"

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Synopsis for "The Choice and the Challenge"

Tigra flies an Avengers Quinjet across the Pacific when she is suddenly set upon by a giant, mutated dinosaur. The creature swipes its claws at the Quinjet, forcing Tigra to crash land it on a nearby island.

At Circuits Maximus, Tony and Jim apologize for their recent animosity towards one another. Jim tells him that he plans on quitting the Avengers so he can investigate why he's been suffering from his persistent headaches as of late. Tony tells him that he can remain being Iron Man for as long as he wants.

After Jim leaves, Tony dons a modified version of his original armor. Though he wants to feel the respect that he once earned, he cannot bring himself to engage in the super-hero game. He goes to the Avengers Compound on behalf of Jim Rhodes and tenders Rhodes' resignation from the team. Hawkeye and Mockingbird learn that Tony was once the original Iron Man. While there, the Avengers receive a priority distress call from Tigra's Quinjet. Hawkeye and Mockingbird race to another Quinjet to help her, but Tony refuses to go. His unwillingness to become a hero again rankles Hawkeye who lets him know, in no uncertain terms, that he is no longer welcome at the Avengers Compound. After they leave, the guilt-ridden Stark has a change of heart and takes a third Quinjet and follows them.

Meanwhile, Tigra evades being stepped on by the giant dinosaur and races to a nearby village. What she doesn't realize is that this monster is under the control of the evil Doctor Demonicus. Having subjugated the dinosaur to his will, he orders it to find the crew of the downed Quinjet and destroy them.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird arrive at the island, and within minutes, Tony joins them. They engage the mutated dinosaur in combat and Hawkeye launches a timed explosive arrow into its mouth. Mockingbird meanwhile finds herself in battle against Doctor Demonicus' henchmen. Tony flies beneath the creature and strains his boot-jets trying to lift it up into the air. He flies out into the middle of the sea and dumps it into the water.

Back in New York City, Tony's former girlfriend Bethany Cabe shows up at Tony's old townhouse. The doorman tells her that Stark left the townhouse some time ago when he started drinking again.


  • Doctor Demonicus appeared last in Shogun Warriors Vol 1 14. He appears next in Iron Man Vol 1 196.
  • Bethany Cabe appeared last in Iron Man Vol 1 153.
  • Godzilla appeared last in the final issue of his own series, Godzilla, King of the Monsters Vol 1 24. At the time that this issue was published, Marvel's license to use the character of Godzilla had lapsed, and as such, they were no longer allowed to use the character. Though never directly identified, the giant creature seen in this issue in fact Godzilla, though Doctor Demonicus states that he has mutated him since the time they last fought, thus explaining the physical differences in Godzilla's appearance. Another clear indicator to the creature's true identity is when Demonicus addresses him as his "once greatest enemy". Godzilla apparently no longer possesses his atomic fire breath either.
  • Jim Rhodes resigns from the West Coast Avengers in this issue.


  • The West Coast Avengers learn that Tony Stark was the original Iron Man for the first time in this issue.

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