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Synopsis for 1st story

After Rhodes abandoned the suit of Iron Man armor in the nameless dimension he entered to face his demons[1], a mysterious presence called the Omnos takes control of it with the intention of seeking out its owner. Back at the Sarcee Reserve Hospital, Shaman tells Rhodes that re-entering the dimension will be impossible for years and Rhodes is chagrined at leaving the armor behind.

At the Avengers Compound, Tony Stark continues to tinker with new ideas by working on components of an unfinished suit of armor while Hawkeye looks on. Tony suggests someone should be Iron Man and Rhodes is probably the guy to do it but it will definitely not be him.

Doctor Demonicus finds Godzilla at the bottom of the ocean along with the suit of armor that Tony abandoned after losing power when he carried the monster there.[2] He seeks to learn the secrets of the armor so that he can get revenge on Iron Man for his previous defeat at his hands.

A newlywed couple flying in a hot air balloon on their honeymoon runs into trouble when what appears to be Iron Man flies straight through the balloon and causes them to crash. They relay this to the media and Obadiah Stane goes on TV to suggest that Iron Man is dangerous and must be stopped. Tony continues to tinker and tells the recently arrives Rhodes and Hawkeye that he needs to be the one to address the rogue suit of armor since he created Iron Man. He dresses in a stereotypical superhero getup as a disguise and dons the newly minted repulsor gloves he has created, borrowing a Quinjet to confront whoever has hijacked the armor.

Demonicus dons the other suit of armor with the hopes of confronting Iron Man himself and they all converge at Circuits Maximus HQ, where a battle commences in the air between the three parties. Stark eventually concocts an idea to shoot a blast of negatively charged plasma at the two Iron Man figures to magnetize their circuitry and cause them to be hopelessly stuck to each other and to crash but Stark runs into his own trouble when he is tossed from the Quinjet and forced to use his ingenuity with the repulsors to keep himself from hitting the ground. They unmask the two Iron Men, discovering Demonicus and an empty suit of armor as the Omnos is released from the red and gold suit, seeming to tell Rhodes "you're welcome" for returning the armor as its ethereal form flies away.

Solicit Synopsis

Dr. Demonicus is whipping the tar out of the West Coast Avengers! Tony Stark is determined to help his friends — but how? Demonicus is wearing Iron Man's armor!


  • In this issue, Tony Stark shaves! He was last known to have shaved in Iron Man #170 and has remained somewhat bearded during his battles with alcoholism.
  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Aaron Loff, Clar Triemm, Jason Paiva, and Tom Williams.

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