Quote1.png Perhaps S.H.I.E.L.D. interrogation techniques will shed some light on the matter! Quote2.png
-- Jasper Sitwell

Appearing in "The Day of the Demolisher!"

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  • Tony Stark's girlfriends

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Synopsis for "The Day of the Demolisher!"

A competitor of Tony Stark, Drexel Cord, is convinced Stark is more succesful because of Iron Man so he builds the Demolisher to destroy the Avenger. Cord's daughter, however, doesn't agree with her father and goes to warn Iron Man. The Demolisher finds Tony Stark on his private yacht and attacks, forcing Stark to put on his armor and fight. The Demolisher quickly set his sights on the Golden Avenger and the fight begins.

Meanwhile, Janice Cord has gotten to the Stark Industries plant and meets Jasper Sitwell who takes her with him to get to the Demolisher's master controls. As they arrive at Drexel Cord's lab, a medieval castle, the Demolisher has seemingly defeated Iron Man by keeping him under water and is on his way back to the lab with him.

Sitwell and Janice break into the lab but Drexel Cord activates the auto-destruct so they can't stop his creation using the controls. Luckily Iron Man is still conscious as it seems the auto-destruct destroyed something in the Demolisher robot itself causing it to attack anything in its way, even Cord's daughter.

Iron Man finally defeats the Demolisher by attacking the Demolisher's insides through an open plate on its back after Drexel Cord distracts the robot, at the cost of his life.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from Patrica Huguet, Bob Gale, Robert Balbis, Craig Little, Jim Balmer, Jim DeMartino, Gibbs Gately, and Larry Parker.

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