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Appearing in "Who Serves Lucifer?"

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Synopsis for "Who Serves Lucifer?"

Iron Man stops a mini-reactor from destroying Stark Industries but security guard Charlie Gray is jealous of all the attention Iron Man and Tony Stark get. He goes home upset and yells at his sons, then storms off. While out walking, Gray is confronted by Lucifer, who leads him to a wrecked building where Lucifer explains that he's caught between dimensions. His Dimensional Transmitter allows him to appear and transfer energy, but the field only extends so far. He offers to empower Charlie if he will bring Stark to him, to build a receiver that will let Lucifer finish his crossover into Earth's dimension. His essence merged with Lucifer, and mad with power, Charlie rampages through town. His wife recognizes him and warns Stark, who battles Charlie as Iron Man. Charlie overpowers Iron Man and is about to bring him to Lucifer so he can determine Stark's whereabouts, but Wilma's pleas bring Charlie to his senses. Lucifer's control slips and he fades back to his prison dimension.

Solicit Synopsis

Remember the far-out fiend called — Lucifer? Well, he's back — to Shellhead's eternal sorrow!


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from Evan Katten, Steve Grover, Roy Rozycki, and Nicky Nixon.

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