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Tony Stark

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Synopsis for "Resolutions!"

The doctor tells Tony that Morley is dead. Stark walks away in disappointment but Rhodey stops him. Jim says he is happy to be alive. Stark asks him about Clytemnestra's condition. Jim has no idea but Cly comes out of the hospital and starts blaming Tony for her brother's death. Tony admits that he could have become Iron Man but was afraid that he would become a drunk again. Stark feels really guilty and decides to go to Los Angeles to confront Obadiah Stane. Meanwhile, Stane is telling Bethany that he did not kill Stark so he could live in humiliation and return to the habit of drinking. Stane asks Bethany if she loves him as she did Stark and she says yes. Stark has arrived at the LA headquarters of the West Coast Avengers. He is greeted by Hawkeye but Stark has no interest in small talk. He goes straight to the lab and works on finishing the new armor he is designing. He finishes the armor and dons it.

He flies away leaving Hawkeye and Mockingbird in awe. He travels to Stane International. Stane and Bethany are going to meet Dr. Atlanta on a lower level in the building, He is refining his psyche imprint process. He experimented an earlier prototype on himself and was sent to an insane asylum. Stane shows Bethany Project Ironmonger which is based off of Stark's Iron Man armor. Iron Man demands to see Stane in the office reception. Obadiah and Iron Man meet face-to-face and Stane figures out that Tony Stark is inside the armor. Stane deploys a Circuits-Breaker on him but Iron Man easily vanquishes it. After this failure, Stane orders the chessmen to destroy him but he defeats them too. Stane accepts that he has to be the one to destroy Tony Stark. He dons the Ironmonger armor.

Ironmonger and Iron Man fight and Stark unknowingly ruins the building's safety devices. This could blow the building to ashes. The building explodes but Iron Man escapes unharmed due to his new and improved armor. Iron Man tries to find Stane but instead finds his friends and employees imprisoned in chambers. Stane tells him he can do nothing to save them as if he tries to move them Stane will send 200,000 volts into them. Iron Man severs the cable which could feed the electricity. He frees everyone and goes to fight Stane again. Stane threatens to kill Baby Anders but Iron Man freezes Stane's armor and saves the child. Stane realizes that he has been defeated and, mirroring his father, kills himself with a repulsor blast to the head.

Solicit Synopsis

Tony Stark dons his ultimate state-of-the-art armor to beat Obadiah Stane! But will even his new armor be enough to defeat the man who's destroyed everything Stark holds dear?


  • Cover by Bright, Akin and Garvey per signatures on original art.[1]
  • This issue debuts the first full appearance of the Iron Man MK VII armor.
  • Courtesy of Dr. Atlanta Theron's "Psyche Transfer" process, the consciousness of Madame Masque remains in Bethany Cabe's body. Likewise, it is revealed next issue, that Bethany Cabe's consciousness is in Madame Masque's body.
  • Madame Masque is unconscious for all of this issue. The storyline between Cabe and Masque will be an ongoing plotline for several months.
  • Stark's duel with Stane's Iron Monger is somewhat reprised in the Iron Man Motion Picture (2007).

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