Quote1 Mister, you may not talk, but you will give me information. You'll write it, or type it, or beat it out in Morse code... or send it in smoke signals -- but give it you will! Quote2
-- Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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Synopsis for "Crossing"

Tony Stark disarms Madame Masque moments after she fires a gunshot into Bethany Cabe's shoulder. Tony is stunned, particularly since Bethany just tried to kill him only seconds earlier. Masque pleads with Tony, telling him that her mind had been switched with Bethany's and it is actually Bethany's mind inside of Masque's body and Masque's mind inside of Bethany's. Tony doesn't know who to believe until Bethany reveals intimate details about their past - details that only Tony Stark would know about.

Distrusting either one of them, Tony decides to seek out Doctor Theron Atlanta, the mute A.I.M. scientist allegedly responsible for the body-swapping. Leaving Masque and Bethany in the care of Jim Rhodes and Clytemnestra Erwin, Tony dons his full Iron Man armor and flies off to track down A.I.M.

He finds A.I.M.'s submarine base deep in the Pacific Ocean. A.I.M. sends several submersible ships out to attack him and they ensnare Iron Man with a network of magnetic mines designed to crush his armor. A few well-placed repulsor blasts disrupts the mines' orbital path and he continues towards the main A.I.M. facility. On the submarine, scientists use plasma blasters to try and bring Iron Man down, but he uses his pulse bolts to disable the weaponry and renews his attack against the ship. Iron Man siphons electricity from the ship's engines and uses it to bolster the power in his armor. He then braces himself beneath the vessel and pushes it to the surface.

On the submarine, A.I.M. mastermind Yorgon Tykko grabs Doctor Atlanta and tries to affect an escape. Atlanta inadvertently discovers that there is more to Tykko than meets the eye, and he may not even be entirely human. Tykko manages to escape the beleagured ship, but is forced to leave Atlanta behind. Iron Man grabs Doctor Atlanta and brings him back to the Los Angeles Stane International facility.

Jim Rhodes interrogates Doctor Atlanta at length, but though he's scared, he refuses to yield any information on how to reverse the mind-swapping process. Tony and Clytemnestra hack into Stane's computers and cobble together enough information to attempt reversing the process themselves.

Bethany and Madame Masque are attached to a device aimed at returning them to their natural state. Masque however (still in Bethany's body), overcomes the power of the sedative that had been administered to her, and tries to break free. She removes her headband just as the machine is activated. There is a blinding flash of light, but as the smoke clears, it appears that everything is back to normal. Bethany Cabe's mind has returned to her own body.


  • The events from this issue take place one week after the events from Iron Man #200.
  • The A.I.M. submarine base first appeared in Iron Man #201.
  • In this issue Dr. Theron Atlanta's "Psyche Imprint Transfer" process is replicated restoring Bethnay Cabe and Madame Masque to their natural bodies. Their psyche had been transferred in Iron Man #198.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Christopher Alan Carter, Aaron Rithie, Stephen Nunet, Albert Prieto, Kent Osbourne, and Chris Sharpe.

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