Quote1 There's only one way I can make up for the damage I've caused, and thats to liberate Boca Caliente. Quote2
-- Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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Synopsis for "Heat"

Iron Man works on his space station. Meanwhile, Bernie, an AIM agent, kills the general who has recently taken over Boca Caliente. The Scientist Supreme brags to the imprisoned Yorgon that he's using their new orbiting lens to take over Boca Caliente, but Yorgon tells him he's planning too small. Yorgon's dinner is then delivered hiding within it a device he can escape with. In East Germany, Bethany finds her husband Alex at the Szorba hotel, stoned out of his mind. Iron Man meets Rhodes, who is going to pilot their shuttle to deliver a new satellite to space; he suggests that Rhodes should use the spare Iron Man armor to do the job instead, but Rhodes declines. Clytemnestra stops by to say that she's been offered a job to track Halley's comet. Iron Man and Rhodes make their delivery, believing that it's an orbiting observatory, but once in place it transforms into the AIM orbiting lens and fires on Boca Caliente, destroying buildings and terrorizing the locals. Yorgon takes control of the orbiting lens and points it at Washington D.C. As it begins to fire Iron Man disables and destroys it. The Scientist Supreme arrives in Boca Caliente, claiming it for AIM, but back in California Iron Man vows to free Boca Caliente.


  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Bill Egan, Stephen Nunet, Bioll (Bill) Climer, and Christy Mechan.

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