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Quote1.png With the coming of the Crimson Dynamo, Iron Man is obsolete! Quote2.png
Crimson Dynamo (Alex Nevsky)

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Synopsis for "The Replacement!"

Tony Stark and Happy Hogan watch a boxing match where Eddie March beats the Hammer. Afterwards, Eddie's doctor tells him he has a blood clot in his brain, so he tells the waiting reporters that he's retiring. Stark and Hogan visit and Eddie mentions if Iron Man ever retires he wouldn't mind taking over, as he is a big fan. Stopping by Cord Manufacturing, Stark finds the Crimson Dynamo menacing Janice Cord and drives him off as Iron Man. Realizing he has been holding back for fear of straining his heart, Iron Man leaves, unaware that the Dynamo never left the building and is really Alex Niven. After Stark tells Hogan that he's retiring as Iron Man, the two agree Eddie March would make an excellent replacement. Stark hires and trains Eddie, and eventually Stark feels comfortable enough to retire and try making a life with Janice. On his first mission, Eddie follows a tip-off to stop smugglers at the docks, but is attacked by the Crimson Dynamo; during their fight a crate falls into the Hudson River. Stark, monitoring the fight, is contacted by Eddie's doctor and learns of the blood clot: donning his armor, he rushes off to help, even as the Dynamo prepares to finish off the ailing Eddie.

Solicit Synopsis

Tony Stark retires! A new Iron Man is born! But then — enter the new and deadlier Crimson Dynamo!


  • Eddie in this story states, before having donned the Iron Man armor, that "Iron Man" March was his boxing nickname.
  • This issue (pages 30 and 31) contains a letters page, "Sock It to Shell-Head". Letters are published from Bob Krotts, Loren MacGregor, Tom Barako, Ron Harris, Joey Nesselroth, and Henry De La Cruz.

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