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Living Laser

Appearing in "Seeing the Light!"

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  • Stark Enterprises Satellite
  • Skyhoop One

Synopsis for "Seeing the Light!"

The Living Laser has been turned into a creature of intangible pure energy. Tony Stark, as Iron Man, finds the Laser and offers to help him, but the Living Laser can only think of revenge on Iron Man. (Stark was somewhat responsible for the Laser being tuned into an energy creature: See Iron Man #153). After battling, the Laser cannot be defeated by Iron Man (Tony Stark). After some introspective contemplation, Jim Rhodes dons his Iron Man armor, and joins the fray. Stark suddenly has an idea and leaves Jim Rhodes to battle the Laser alone. By the time Stark returns, Rhodes is also having difficulty defeating the Laser and, in fact, is close to death. When Stark returns, he has two inwardly conclave mirrors. Rhodes and Stark trap the Laser inside the mirrors and push the mirrors into one self-enclosed circular ball. The Laser has no way of escape. Stark says he will attempt to cure the Laser and will transport him to the Avengers Compound for safekeeping. Meanwhile, Bethany Cabe is in Germany with her drug addicted husband, Alex Van Tilberg. Tilberg runs away from Cabe apparently to buy more drugs on the street. While pursuing him, Cabe is confronted by street thugs. She manages to escape and even defeat several of the gang. As retaliation, the gang finds Alex Van Tilberg and give him a lethal overdose of drugs. Cabe is very distraught that her husband has died, and that she was unable to help him. She does lead the police to the gang that did this to her husband and ensures that they are brought to justice.


  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". It includes Mark's Remarks, as well as, letters from: Beau Smith, Doug Diamond, Louis Alzamora, Curtis Peterson, Delmo (The Saint) Walters, Jr., and Yutzy Silverman.

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