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Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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Synopsis for "Precious Legacy"

Tony and James make a plaque, honoring Cly Erwin's brother (who was killed two issues ago).

With Duvid Fortunov returning from retirement as Dominic Fortune, his son, Jerry threatens to have him committed. He gets a call from a private detective he'd hired who gives him a false lead because there is a shotgun trained on him Duvid goes to investigate and is attacked by the new Iron Monger. Iron Man shows up to stop Iron Monger but is distracted, wondering if the man in the suit is Obadiah Stane. Once he gets the thought out of his head he quickly defeats the Iron Monger and sees that it is not Obadiah. This Iron Monger was able to get a clean shot off on Duvid before he went down and a doctor runs in and pronounces Duvid dead while his son Jerry holds his dead father in his arms.

Jerry takes up the mantle of Dominic Fortune and swears to get revenge.

Solicit Synopsis

Iron Man faces his cruelest foe - Ironmonger! Guest-starring the dashing hero of the Thirties: Dominic Fortune!


  • The Second Dominic Fortune last appeared in Web of Spider-Man #10.
  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". It includes Mark's Remarks as well as letters from Bill Climer, Michael Mitchell, R. Furrell, and Butch Ersein.
  • This character who is identified as "Sabbath Raven" is revealed to be an imposter next issue.

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