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Quote1.png Don't quibble with the guy that saved your behind, Jerry. Quote2.png
Dominic Fortunov

Appearing in "Fortune's Child"

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  • Jerry Fortunov's motorcycle
  • Cly Erwin's car
  • Fuel truck
  • 737 jet

Synopsis for "Fortune's Child"

Jerry Fortunov, taking over his father's role as Dominic Fortune, shakes-down several criminals to find out who put the hit on his father. Cly discovers what Jerry has been doing and tries to talk reason with him. When that fails, she sends Iron Man. Iron Man offers to help, but Jerry refuses the offer.

In the home of Simon Steele, he gloats over his unwilling "house guest", the real Dominic Fortune, Duvid. The doctor from last issue was in Simon's employ and he arrange the diagnosis and kidnapping.

Iron Man has to rescue a truck driver who went off a cliff and bring him to the hospital; an act that delayed him from following Jerry. Jerry gets captured at the Steele mansion and is reunited with his father, whom he thought dead. Together they break free and defeat the bad guys just as Iron Man comes in, but Jerry is fatally wounded and, the inverse of last issue, Jerry dies in Duvid's arms, and this time it's for real.

Solicit Synopsis

If you thought the old Dominic Fortune was something, wait until you see the new Dominic Fortune! Plus: the mystery of Sabbath— why must the truth stay hidden?

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  • The First Dominic Fortune next appears in Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 71
  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". It includes Mark's Remarks as well as letters from Bruce Fenton, Brent Busboom, Dan Shoemaker, and Troy D. Smith.

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