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Titanium Man

Appearing in "From This Conflict... Death!"

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Synopsis for "From This Conflict... Death!"

Badly injured, Eddie March is rushed to the hospital by the armored Stark. The doctors inform Iron Man (Stark) that it's touch and go, and Stark swears to never again shirk Iron Man's responsibilities. Meanwhile the Titanium Man encounters some cops after emerging from the crate in the Hudson River. At Cord Manufacturing, Janice discovers that Alex is the Crimson Dynamo, who confesses he plans to expose Stark and Iron Man for corrupting Vanko, but the Titanium Man bursts through the wall to arrest Nevsky.

Told by the police about Titanium Man, and having just heard that Eddie is going to pull through, Iron Man follows the destruction trail to Cord Manufacturing where the Crimson Dynamo is escaping with Janice. The two fight as Janice tries to calm them down, but Titanium Man attacks all three: the unprotected Janice dies. Blaming Iron Man, Nevksy flees in his damaged armor while Tony battles Titanium Man, brutally disabling his armor before losing the Russian in the river.

Solicit Synopsis

As if the Crimson Dynamo isn't deadly enough—enter the metal-clad monstrosity called . . . Titanium Man!


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from John Carbnonaro, David Tinis, Ron Hodgen, Bill Henley, Jr., Bob Jarrell, Neil Scranton, and Jean Laidig.
  • Titanium Man last appeared in Tales of Suspense #94, he will appear next in Avengers #130.

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