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Quote1.png I'm going to get back what's mine. And Heaven help anyone who gets in my way! Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "Stark Wars, Chapter I"

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Synopsis for "Stark Wars, Chapter I"

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Remember all those armored foes Iron Man's been fighting lately? Well, it seems they've been using circuits stolen from Iron Man's own armor! And when the Golden Avenger finds out, he's none too happy! Iron Man goes after everybody who wears armor, and he's out for blood! And as If that weren't enough, this issue also features a guest appearance by Ant-Man!


  • This is a Giant-Size issue with 40 story pages as well as a $1.25 cover price.
  • This begins the saga of Iron Man's "Armor Wars". His actions will affect several other story lines in the Marvel Universe.

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