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Tony Stark

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  • Stealth sphere

Synopsis for "Star Hunter"

Someone — or something — has killed the scientists in NASA's space lab. After making a deal with some government agents to wipe out any lawsuits against Stark Enterprises due to Iron Man's actions in the Armor Wars, Tony dons his armor and a special space attachment, then blasts to NASA's space lab. After finding their corpses and a lot of floating blood, Iron man pokes around until he finds out an experiment to create a genetic mutation based "satellite killer" got loose and went off to destroy other satellites, since no one yet told it which ones to destroy. Even worse, the thing has made its home in the old Stark Space Station sabotaged by A.I.M. weeks ago! Iron man must face inner demons and a genetic monster while all the while learning its intelligent and it's been playing games with him! It finally takes restoring oxygen to one room that he and the thing are in, activating an aneurobic plague that kills the monster. As it dies, it asks iron man why he killed it. Iron Man tells it that it killed so many people, and before the monster dies, it claims it was its job to kill. realizing it was the government that was actually to blame for the monster's blood lust, Tony Stark finishes his end of the bargain with the government, only to be double-crossed, but is still granted wipe out of the law suits when he threatens to expose the government's "satellite killer."


  • In this issue, Tony Stark fires his legal counsel, Bert Hindel. However, Hindel will later return as an attorney for Kathy Dare. He will also attempt to produce a book on Tony Stark and his behaviors.

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