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Appearing in "My Son ... The Minotaur!"

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Synopsis for "My Son ... The Minotaur!"

Washed ashore by the Aegean Sea, Madame Masque is retrieved by the Minotaur and his father, Dr. Vryolak. The doctor sells her gold mask, and it eventually finds its way into S.H.I.E.L.D. hands and then to Jasper Sitwell. In Monte Carlo, Tony Stark attempts to forget his worries by gambling. He's confronted by Sitwell, who tells him the mask has Whitney Frost and Stark's fingerprints on it; Stark confirms that Whitney Frost lives. Vryolak convinces Masque that he can fix her features, then sends his son out to the village to steal valuables. The next day Iron Man goes looking for Masque while Sitwell spots Vryolak pawning valuables. Vryolak sends his son out again, but the destruction is spotted by Iron Man, who fights the Minotaur and tails him home; meanwhile, hoping to create a mate for his son, Vryolak tries to trick Masque into drinking his potion, but she refuses. Sitwell bursts in but is overpowered by the returning Minotaur. Iron Man arrives as Vryolak tries to inject Masque with the potion, but his fight with the Minotaur damages the labyrinth they are in. As the roof collapses, the Minotaur, moved by Sitwell's love for Masque, sacrifices himself and his father to save the strangers. Iron Man returns Whitney's mask and she leaves while Sitwell is unconscious.


  • The mythological Minotaur lived on the island of Crete. It is undetermined if this is the location of this story.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-head". Letters are published from Masao Kono, Bottina C. Helms, "No Name Given", and Walt Blank.

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