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Iron Man

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Synopsis for "Ghost Righter!"

Jim Rhodes enters the Electronica Fabritzi complex to find Iron Man hovering before him completely intangible. He tells Rhodey that the Ghost attacked him and attached a device to his armor rendering him insubstantial. Even the device is intangible making it so that nobody can remove it. Tony learns that his internal systems still function even if they can’t make physical contact with anything. He has his circuits create an electro-magnetic pulse, which will short out the electrical systems for six minutes. Upon doing so, he turns tangible once again. But there's not enough juice left in the armor to remove the Ghost's device, so Rhodey is forced to shoot it off of him with his pistol.

At that moment, Justin Hammer confers with his hired guns, Boomerang, the Blizzard and Blacklash. As he discusses his next move with them the Ghost enters the office. Hammer tries to make peace with the Ghost and even offers him a position upon his staff. But the Ghost despises corporate movers and shakers like Hammer and Stark and has vowed to wage war upon all of them. For the time being however, the Ghost is only here to taunt Hammer. He disappears as quickly as he appeared.

Tony and Rhodey meanwhile return to the Hilton Roma Hotel. As they enter the room, they find that Kathy Dare has followed Tony all the way from California. She is lying naked under the bed sheets ready to surprise him. Tony is outraged by her behavior and orders her to return home. Before leaving the hotel room however, she deliberately knocks over an expensive vase as a final snub at Tony.

The following evening, Iron Man and Rhodey return to Electronica Fabritzi so as to finish the deal made with Justin Hammer. They find themselves awkwardly forced to ally themselves with Blacklash, Blizzard and Boomerang to track down the Ghost.

The Ghost arrives and begins setting charges all over the complex. Iron Man and the villains get into a fight with him, but the Ghost turns invisible and eludes capture. Tony has some technology that allows them to track him and they stealthily make their way to the data center. Before the Ghost even realizes that they have caught up with them, they pound on him before he has the chance to turn intangible. They briefly trap him, but upon doing so, the villains suddenly turn on Iron Man. Iron Man doesn’t even need to use his repulsors to deal with the thugs. He levels Blacklash and Blizzard with a haymaker while Rhodey takes down Boomerang with his gun.

While the others are fighting, the Ghost manages to escape and plants the remainder of his bombs. Iron Man can no longer touch him now and he has to use his EM field to delay the blast so that Rhodey and the others can clear the building. Electronica Fabritzi explodes and everyone manages to escape, including the Ghost.

Iron Man later finds the Blizzard and shows him a video feed of Justin Hammer’s earlier proposal to let Blizzard go if Iron Man agreed to stop the Ghost. Discouraged by this apparent betrayal, the Blizzard pulls off his mask and retires as a super-villain.

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