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The Mandarin

Appearing in "China See!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Huang Hao
  • Xu


  • Hong Kong
    • Huang Hao Industries
    • Mandarin's Island



Synopsis for "China See!"

Tony Stark has been working with a man named Huang Hao to try and establish business inroads in Hong Kong. He flies his staff including Rhodey, Felix Alvarez and Mrs. Arbogast to Hong Kong to negotiate a deal. But when he arrives, he discovers that Huang Hao has been murdered. All business in Hong Kong seems to be under the thumb of a man named Zhang Tong. As he is running himself ragged trying to solve Huang Hao’s murder, he receives a telephone call from Kathy Dare. Kathy wants to hop a jet to Hong Kong to visit him. Tony angrily tells her that there is no longer anything between them and that she needs to leave him alone. With Kathy’s nonsense out of the way, Tony is now free to concentrate on Zhang Tong.

Zhang Tong is actually the Mandarin. He has been distributing his alien power rings to a small collection of personal Hand assassins. Through the Hand, he maintains his stranglehold over Hong Kong. Tony eventually meets with Zhang to discuss business arrangements in the country. Amazingly, the Mandarin does not seem to recognize Tony. Zhang Tong offers Tony an opportunity to come work for him. Angered, Tony refuses citing that he has his own company to run. As Tony leaves his office, Zhang Tong orders his Hand assassins to kidnap Tony’s staff.

A group of thugs bearing the Mandarin’s ring assault Rhodey and Mrs. Arbogast in the park. Jim and Mrs. A defend themselves fairly well, but ultimately they are captured. When Tony learns of their abduction he telephones the police. They are of no use though, as they are under the thumb of the Mandarin. Tony changes into Iron Man and begins searching for them.

The Hand assassins ambush him and begin pounding on Iron Man using the power of the rings. But these thugs are young and inexperienced. Iron Man uses his knowledge of the Mandarin’s rings and makes it work against them. He defeats the Hand and tracks down the Mandarin. Upon finding him, the Mandarin offers Tony a deal. He must face him (Or rather, Iron Man) in oneon-one combat. If he wins, his friends will be let go and he will be free to explore business opportunities in Hong Kong. But if he loses, then Tony Stark must come to work exclusively for the Mandarin – forever.


  • In this issue, the Mandarin uses the alias "Zhang Tong". Whether Zhang Tong is the Mandarin's actual name or merely an alias has never been revealed.

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