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Quote1.png I just wanted to see you one last time. And tell you -- goodbye. Quote2.png
Kathy Dare

Appearing in "Master Blaster!"

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  • Helicopter

Synopsis for "Master Blaster!"

The Mandarin repeats his offer to Tony Stark. He must face him (or rather Iron Man) in oneon-one combat. If he wins, his friends will be let go and he will be free to explore business opportunities in Hong Kong. But if he loses, then Tony Stark must come to work exclusively for the Mandarin – forever. Further, the entire affair is going to be filmed by Helping Hands Productions. Tony and the Mandarin actually argue over the video rights. Ultimately, the Mandarin has Tony over a barrel. The safety of his staff must come first.

While Rhodey and the others languish away in a prison cell, Tony seeks the aid of an old friend - Soo Lin. Soo Lin has helped him in the past when his company had been in danger.

While Tony and Soo try to come up with a plan of action, the Mandarin practices his martial arts. The Mandarin’s servant Li Fong ruminates over recent events in the Mandarin’s life. Some time ago, the Mandarin had been experimenting with the magno-intensifier ring when something had gone wrong and his entire chamber erupted in white light. The Mandarin was placed in a coma and Li Fong was forced to take him to a village of Shan-Tun monks. The monks restored the Mandarin back to health, but he suffered lapses in memory. All of his knowledge seemed to be concentrated within his power rings. In time, as the Mandarin healed, he showed the Shan-Tun monks his gratitude by indoctrinating them into his Hand of Assassins. The Mandarin completes his exorcises and prepares for his fight with Iron Man.

Tony and Soo Lin go back to Tony’s hotel room to get ready. While Tony is in the shower, Kathy Dare calls. Soo Lin answers the phone and Kathy assumes that Soo is simply another one of Tony’s lovers. She abruptly hangs up.

Iron Man arrives on the beach to face the Mandarin. The Mandarin is dressed in blue and white armor ready to do battle. As the video crews begin taping, the Mandarin launches into a flurry of attacks using his rings. Iron Man keeps the battle on the defensive, struggling to avoid the Mandarin’s varied attack strategies.

Meanwhile, Soo Lin helps to free Rhodey, Arbogast and Alvarez from prison. The Mandarin learns that they are free and sends five of his rings to the Hand to take them down. His arrogance allows him to believe that he can finish his battle with Iron Man with only five rings. But Tony finally goes on the offense and batters the Mandarin back with a double dose of pulse bursts. The Mandarin slams into a concrete wall and is rendered insensate. With the Mandarin unconscious, the rings automatically return to him. But the Mandarin is an honorable man. He upholds his end of the bargain and allows Tony to invest in business interests in Hong Kong.

Tony returns to his California seacoast mansion. As he enters the house, he notices that there is broken glass all over the floor. The glass is from a framed photograph of Rae LaCoste. Turning the corner he finds Kathy Dare waiting for him. Kathy says her final goodbye and pulls a pistol on Tony. She shoots him directly in the middle of the chest and leaves him for dead.


  • The storyline involving Tony Stark's paralysis begins with this issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Anthony M. Dunne, Jason Euess, Ivan M. Pirsie, Joe C. Engledow, Jr., Don Schapp, and Daniel Henrie.
  • This issue also contains a Statemendt of Ownership, Management, and Circulation.

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