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Synopsis for "Heartbeaten"

Tony Stark is rushed to the hospital after being shot by stalker Kathy Dare. The bullet has ruptured his spine and he has lost consciousness. Almost immediately, reporters flock to the hospital hoping to catch a glimpse of America’s wealthiest bachelor. Rhodey is present and threatens several reporters who attempt to crowd him.

Kathy Dare has been arrested, but seems oblivious to the seriousness of her crime. Bert Hindel is appointed as her attorney. Almost immediately he begins preparing a defense suggesting that Kathy is a victim of physical and emotional abuse. Hindel calls a press conference and begins painting Kathy as a portrait of a victim on national television.

Inside the hospital, a special visitor’s ward has been set up for family and friends. Rhodey is watching the Hindel interview and smashes the television with his boot. Mrs. Arbogast, ever the stoic pillar of patience and virtue, calms Rhodey down. But she can only maintain her cool for so long. She finds a reporter dressed up as a janitor trying to sneak into the ICU to snap pictures of Tony Stark. Mrs. A smashes his camera and threatens to shove his janitorial squeegee “where it’ll do the most good".

Tony’s confidante Rae LaCoste hires Dr. Charles Ingwe; the world’s most accredited microsurgeon to fly out to California to attend to Tony. As Tony’s life hangs in the balance, Marcy Pearson, the Stark Enterprises Public Relations rep learns that in an event of an emergency, she has been selected to run Stark Enterprises in the case of Tony’s absence. Marcy asks Jim Rhodes if perhaps Iron Man can make a press statement to try and keep the S.E. image looking favorable.

Many eyes are glued to their televisions as the likes of Bryant Gumbel reports on the minute-by-minute status of Anthony Stark. Such witnesses include: Justin Hammer, Tigra and Ant-Man.

After many intense hours, Dr. Ingwe emerges from the ER and addresses the press. He informs the nation that Tony Stark shall live – however, he will never be able to walk ever again.


  • Tony Stark does not appear as Iron Man in this issue.
  • In this issue, it is revealed that Tony Stark's blood type is A+ (A Positive).
  • 1st appearances of Bryant Gumbel and Charles Ingwe.


  • Bryant Gumbel is a real-life sportscaster who has acted as host for The Today Show, The Early Show and Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.
  • Gossip columnist Marcus McLaurin and LAPD officer Siry are references to Marc McLaurin and Marc Siry, assistant editors at Marvel Comics at the time.

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