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Tony Stark

Appearing in "Inside Angry"

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Other Characters:

  • Bill Henshaw
  • Officer Krupke
  • Mabel
  • Sheri
  • FBI
    • Agent Mallard

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Synopsis for "Inside Angry"

An earthquake erupts in New York City sending a cascade of brittle mountain boulders down upon a winding road. A truck delivering S.E. equipment is caught in its path and overturned. Iron Man swoops down out of the sky and melts the falling rock with quick bursts from his repulsors. With great exuberance, he saves the lives of the truck drivers and returns to Stark Enterprises. But when he removes the armor, his mood suddenly darkens. He is slowly becoming addicted to the freedom that the armor provides, and detests the fact that he is confined to a wheel chair. Even the development of the world's most advanced handicapped mobility unit offers him little consolation. He tries to divert his frustrations with business matters. He talks with Felix Alvarez and has him try to figure out who hired the Fixer to attack the Barstow Electronics facility.

Felix learns of another act of sabotage against an S.E. property. A cargo ship carrying S.E. hardware had been hijacked under mysterious circumstances. The hijackers had been attacked by strange metallic creatures. Tony makes the connection that the metallic creatures may be Dreadnoughts - robots used almost exclusively by the Maggia. Tony decides to get in touch with his ex-lover, the former Maggia leader known as Madame Masque. Madame Masque chastises Tony for contacting her, and offers no information as to whether or not the Maggia is involved with the hijacking of the ship.

Tony dons the Iron Man armor and begins investigating Dreadnought activity. He finds a California SWAT team involved with a shootout with some Dreadnought's at the warehouse district. Iron Man destroys the first Dreadnought with a repulsor blast aimed at point blank range at the robot's head. He then blasts two more back with repulsors then brings them back with his magnetic couplings forcing them to smash into his fists. After the battle finishes, the FBI shows up to take over the investigation.

Later that evening, the FBI visits S.E. and inform Tony Stark that a body identified as Whitney Frost (Madame Masque) had been found floating in the East River.


  • Whitney Frost's body is later determined to be a clone in Avengers (Vol. 3) #34. Frost apparently made multiple clones of her body to avoid assassination and/or capture, but wanted the world to believe she had perished.
  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". It has letters from Eric E. Nevis, Graham Stratford, Dennis R. Osborn.

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