Quote1 I sincerely don't give a rat's behind! Quote2
-- Spymaster (Nathan Lemon)

Appearing in "Graduation Day"

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  • Aerial de-stabilizer

Synopsis for "Graduation Day"

After undergoing a grueling, deadly elimination competiton at the Taskmaster's Academy, the survivor is named the new Spymaster. In order to graduate, Spymaster must steal the top Christmas ornament at tony Stark's party. In the attempt, Spymaster encounters and battles the Invicible Iron Man. In order to preserve personal safety of his guests and children present, and perhaps in the spirit of Christma, Stark allows Spymaster to leave with the bauble.

Appearing in "Iron Man"

Featured Character:

Synopsis for "Iron Man"

A one page pin-up of The Golden Avenger that announces that John Romita, Jr. will be the new regular artist on this title.


  • The cover of this issue declares "Bob Layton is Back!"

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