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Iron Man

Appearing in "Soliloquy in Silence"

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  • Iron Man Armor MK VIII
  • Hyper-sonic analyzer (Mentioned)
  • Second bacterial cylinder
  • Anaerobic virus (Omega Bacillus?)
  • Booster Module
  • First cylinder
  • Corrosive bomb


Synopsis for "Soliloquy in Silence"

Winston Caulfield wishes to rent the Stark Satellite and offers a solution to rid it of the anaerobic virus infection. Iron Man travels there, but during the reparations, the unforeseen happens as leftover A.I.M. technology causes structural damage and traps him under debris. His suit damaged and powers failing, he must free himself and apply the viral solution before the station enters the atmosphere, risking spread of the lethal virus to Earth. Iron Man succeeds, but passes out from oxygen deprivation and exhaustion.

Back home, he's also begun to suspect the neural chip repairing his damaged spine is causing sleeping and pain issues.


  • This issue contains a Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation.
  • This issue also contains a letters page Printed Circuits. Letters are published from Bradford L. Poston, Richard Stiles, Paul Coate, and Thomas Wheeler.

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