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James Rhodes (Earth-616)

Appearing in "Retribution"

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  • North Korean fighters (Red Leader, another)

Synopsis for "Retribution"

Samurai Steel's design is complete and he goes on a test flight, buzzing North Korea and blasting several jets from the sky. Tony Stark arrives at Asano robotics for a business deal, but Samurai Steel is indignant because Tony's father served on the Manhattan Project. Asano finally goes mad and attacks his own facility; Tony becomes Iron Man to combat Samurai Steel. Asano accidentally fires a particle beam into his own power plant. To save his people, Samurai Steel carries the reactor core into Earth's orbit where it explodes, killing him.


  • In this issue it is revealed that Howard Stark worked on the Manhattan Project.
  • Jefff Albrecht inked pages 1,2, 4-18. Brad Vancata inked pages 3, 19-22.
  • Janice Chiang lettered pages 1,2,4,7. B.K. Joyce inked pages 3,8-22.

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