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Quote1.png Repulsors not enough. Don't care. Hands are better... to turn you... to PIECES! Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "Entity Mine"

Featured Characters:

  • Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Supporting Characters:

  • Erica Sondheim (Corpse)
  • Stark Enterprises
    • Rhodey Rhodes
    • Jenkins (guard)
    • Unnamed employees
  • Rae LaCoste (Death)


  • Justin Hammer
  • Tony Stark 2.0

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • U.S. Army's Behemoth (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Entity Mine"

A new version of Tony Stark appears to have corrupted the computer systems at Stark International. The computer has incinerated Erica Sondheim (last issue). The computer version of Stark, Tony Stark 2.0, tells his employees that he is barricaded in his office due to a gas leak and tells the guards to destroy Iron Man as he has gone rogue. Stark 2.0 also indicateds that Iron Man killed Sondheim.

Iron Man escapes to the bottom of the ocean. Meanwhile, Justin Hammer tells Rae Lacoste to return to Stark International. Despite his guard's protests, Stark 2.0 tells the guards to send Rae to his office. Stark 2.0 explains his persona and asks Rae to team with him. In response, Rae leaves and drives away. Stark 2.0 directs a flying fortress called Behemoth to kill Rae. Iron Man destroys the flying weapon, but Rae dies.

Meanwhile, Iron Man has got a message to Rhodey to investigate what his going on. Rhodes determines that the corrupted system has targeted three people to eliminate, Erica Sondheim, Tony Stark and Justin Hammer. To Be Continued

Solicit Synopsis

Micheline. Layton. Two voices that defined Iron Man come together to tell the untold story of his most dire hour – Armor Wars 2!


This story is non-canonical to Earth-616.

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