Quote1 As you can see, I'm rebuilding my stock anew... Quote2
-- The Collector

Appearing in "Duel in the Dark Dimension!"

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  • Lumian soldiers




Synopsis for "Duel in the Dark Dimension!"

Happy tells Iron Man that Pepper's abductor wants the Freak, but unwilling to tell Happy that he is the Freak. Tony knocks Happy out. When the kidnapper returns for the exchange, Iron Man invades his ship, discovering the culprit is the Collector, who in turn has learned Happy is his quarry and has snatched him too. The Collector offers to swap the Hogans for the Solar Sword, and transports Stark to the Dark Dimension. Attacked by Shadow Demons, Iron Man is rescued by Val-Larr, the Sword's wielder, who explains that it is Luminia's only hope against the spreading darkness. Iron Man attacks and takes the Solar Sword, even though Shar-Khan is attacking Luminia. He gives the sword to the Collector, who reneges on the deal and traps Iron Man too. However the abundance of solar particles in the ship overloads the sword; before it can go nova, the Collector and Iron Man return it to Val-Larr, who uses it to defeat Shar-Khan. The Collector brings the three back to Earth.

Solicit Synopsis

Happy Hogan in the clutches of the Collector! And Iron Man can only save him by capturing — the Solar Sword!


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock it to Shell-Head". Letters are published from: Kim Falk, Karl Pendleton, Steve Orr, Robert L. Ackermann, Sandra Chaney & David Johnston, Nils Osmar, and W.R. Vinson.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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