Quote1.png No. This is too easy! I want you suffering. I want you begging for mercy! Quote2.png
-- Living Laser

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Synopsis for "Put Them All Together They Spell Laser!"

Arthur Parks, the Living Laser hovers above Iron Man in a blistering corona of white hot light. Using his laser technology to masquerade as the ghost of the Titanium Man, was merely a ploy to draw out the real Iron Man. Laser had heard that Iron Man had "died" and that a surrogate was hired to take his place. But now he knows that he is facing the one true Iron Man.

Living Laser constructs a network or pencil-thin laser beams criss-crossing all throughout the sub-levels of Nuke U. Iron Man blasts him with a healthy dose of repulsors but this has little effect. The Living Laser can alternate between a physical tangible form and a being of pure light. Laser starts glowing white hot and Iron Man is forced to activate his optic shields or risk going blind. He manages to tag the Laser with one solid blow, but the Living Laser shrugs it off and blasts Iron Man backwards. It is the thrill of the fight that the Laser seeks, and he does not want Iron Man to go down too easily.

Iron Man decides to change strategy. He sets his repulsors to an alternating antagonistic frequency in the hopes of disrupting the Laser’s coherent light form. But this only makes the Living Laser pause for a brief second before sending a thin laser line through Iron Man’s shoulder.

As the battle rages, the schemes of Kearson DeWitt become more detailed. DeWitt is actually an employee of Desmond and Phoebe Marrs of New York's Marrs Corporation. He has surreptitiously implanted Tony Stark with a microscopic device that can monitor and control his motor function. Although he can not actually see what Tony is involved in, he recognizes that he is currently in a state where he is placing himself in danger. This will not do at all. Desmond Marrs has greater plans for Tony Stark and he orders DeWitt to shut down Stark's mobility immediately.

Back at Nuke U, the Living Laser charges up for a salvo strike when Iron Man suddenly falls over inert. The Laser does not want to beat Iron Man this way. He wants to see him suffering in agony. Enraged, the Laser emits a huge blast of light energy and disappears. S.E. technicians comb the site after the battle and find Iron Man’s body. There is no record of life-signs or respiration and they believe that he is dead.

Meanwhile, the Mandarin travels to San Francisco's Chinatown district to find Chen Hsu, the aging Chinese man who is responsible for stealing one of the Mandarin's power rings and replacing it with a duplicate. Chen Hsu does not seem impressed nor intimidated by the Mandarin's presence. He politely returns the true ring to him. Once the Mandarin slips it onto his thumb however, he finds himself doubled over in pain and falls to the floor.


  • This issue reveals that the appearances of the Titanium Man as seen in recent issues was actually Arthur Parks, the Living Laser.


  • The title of this issue, "Put Them All Together They Spell Laser!", is actually a portion of dialogue spoken by Tony Stark.

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