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Quote1.png I've no idea what's been happening to me. It may be the work of some enemy... it may be the price I have to pay for the years I abused my body... wrecked myself with alcoholism... Quote2.png
Tony Stark

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  • Ambulance

Synopsis for 1st story

After his battle with the Living Laser, Tony Stark finds himself completely immobilized within his armor. He has no idea that the perpetrator of this act is actually Kearson DeWitt of the Marrs Corporation. Emergency crews and S.E. personnel gather around and believe Iron Man to be dead. As they load his inert body into an ambulance, Tony uses the encephalo-circuits built into his helmet to summon one of his spare armors via remote control. The secondary armor flies out to the Nuke U site and retrieves Tony’s body. Returning to Stark Enterprises, he finds Jim Rhodes waiting anxiously. He brings him through a secure section of the S.E. facility, where DeWitt’s sensors can no longer monitor him.

Meanwhile, Desmond and Phoebe Marrs are supervising Kearson DeWitt's efforts. Desmond and Kearson discuss the long term benefits of tormenting Stark with their parasitic implant, but Kearson's attention seems more focused on his affection towards Phoebe. At Desmond’s request, DeWitt temporarily disables the device, allowing Stark mobility again.

Meanwhile, the Mandarin awakens inside the San Francisco antiques shop of Chen Hsu. Having recently returned the tenth ring of power to the Mandarin, Chen Hsu now uses his own mystic knowledge to remove the shadows that have clouded the Mandarin's memory for so long. As the Mandarin rises, Chen Hsu tells him that he will now show him the path towards true, ultimate power. He brings the Mandarin upon a great quest throughout southeastern China. The Mandarin climbs through the perilous mountains of the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon until he comes upon a huge ancient doorway, built into side of a mountain. He strides past the two Mongol warriors that guard the entrance to the chamber and enters. The Mandarin continues through the black emptiness of the temple until he finds the slumbering form of the ancient dragon – Fin Fang Foom. The great dragon awakens.


  • No title is provided for this issue.
  • No letterer is credited for this issue.
  • As noted, multiple copies of the Iron Man Armor are depicted this issue. In Iron Man #262, this cache of armor is referred to as "spare and special purpose armor".
  • Once again, the "Encephalo Circuits" are used to remotely activate the MK VIII Armor. This will become a more common plot device when Tony Stark is later incapacitated and can creates his Telepresence Armor.
  • The two guards standing at the gates of the temple in the Valley of the Dragons were first seen in Strange Tales #89.

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