Quote1.png I'm trapped inside this armor. Cocooned in a prison of my own creation! Quote2.png
-- Iron Man

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Synopsis for "The Enemy Within"

Tony Stark decides to get a full, invasive physical inspection. He fears that the years of abuse his body has suffered may be causal to his recent paralytic conditions. The doctors go over his body and give him a clean bill of health.

Kearson DeWitt embarks upon the next stage of his plan. He has his scientists once again take control of Stark's body. Instantly, Stark snaps to attention and turns on his heel, leaving Rhodey standing by himself at Stark Enterprises. Rhodey begins chasing him all throughout the facility and becomes concerned when he discovers that none of the security personnel are on duty. One of Stark's top security men has been bribed by Kearson DeWitt to allow the Marrs Corporation access to S.E.'s security cameras. Rhodey finds the mole and bursts into the security center, knocking the guard down. He finds a strange device attached to the monitor controls.

But Rhodey's primary concern right now is his boss. He races downstairs to catch Tony before he leaves the building. As he tries to stop him, the zombified Stark begins fighting with Rhodey. Rhodey manages to stop Tony and takes him down to a secured laboratory outside the monitoring range of DeWitt's sensors.

Although Tony's body is being controlled by DeWitt, his mind is still free. He realizes that the only way that he can actively investigate these strange circumstances is to use the encephalo-circuits to take control of the armor. Although the circuits allow the armor mobility, Tony's nervous system still fights against it causing great neurological strain.

Meanwhile, in southeastern China, the Mandarin has awakened the dragon, Fin Fang Foom and offers to enter into a covenant with him in an effort to re-mold the world.


  • The sub-plots involving the Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom come to a head in the upcoming "Dragon Seed Saga" (issues #272-275).
  • The cache of armor depicted in this story is referred to as "spare and special purpose armor".


  • The "next issue" blurb from issue #261 titled this issue "This Mortal Coil".

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