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Quote1.png Hope your insurance is up to date, clown. I've been feeling just the teeniest bit TICKED OFF for the last few days. You know, looking for a target for my frustrations. And YOU JUST GOT ELECTED! (As he DESTROYS a SI attacker's monster truck) Quote2.png
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "Where Is Iron Man?"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • TV journalist
  • Chinese officials
  • Stark Enterprises workers
    • Henderson




Synopsis for "Where Is Iron Man?"

On top of everything else that has plagued Tony Stark as of late, he also has his business concerns to deal with. Recently, labor strikes at Stark Enterprises have caused great duress amongst S.E. employees and the labor unions. Using an image inducer, Rhodey has to impersonate Stark to give a press conference stating that everything is back to normal in the affairs of Stark Enterprises.

Contrary to the news however, large mobs of disheartened employees have mobbed the gates of Stark Enterprises. Rhodey approaches the gates and tries to dispel the feud, but the mob isn’t having it. One of the rabble rousers, a man named Henderson climbs inside of a monster truck and blasts through the S.E. front gates nearly running Rhodey down. Tony is forced to fly out as Iron Man and burn a crevice into the parking lot with his repulsors dividing the angry mob from the rest of the plant. In order to convince people that he is just as strong and competent as the "original" Iron Man, Tony makes a large display out of destroying Henderson’s truck. But suddenly, as he is flying over the facility, something seizes Tony’s heart and he drops down onto the pavement. In China, the Mandarin has changed his garb and through he and Chen Hsu's control over Fin Fang Foom, has taken over one-third of the entire country. Fin Fang Foom continues to slumber.

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